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Host Barbara McNaught and special guest Dana Vulin

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Hello Darlink! introduces true stories from inspiring people who never give up and now want to give back by sharing their journey. Hear from sporting champions, fashion icons, treasure hunters and TV stars as well as survivors and unsung heroes.

Be captivated by stories that can make you laugh, cry, and possibly change your life. Hello Darlink! invites you to be entertained, intrigued and inspired.

Latest Episode

Stories from Under the Blanket: Dr Brett Dellar

Introducing the premiere episode of Stories from Under the Blanket.

Witness the story of a man who broke the stigma around men’s mental health and went from suffering in silence to fighting for change. Dr Brett Dellar founder of The monMENtum Revolution talks to Barbara about his mental health journey and how he now empowers men to overcome their fears, open up and seek help. Watch the inaugural Stories From Under The Blanket…

Dana Vulin: The Third Degree

The latest from Dana Vulin, burn survivor and inspirational icon. Dana talks to Barbara about completing her third university degree and her experience with being stalked and betrayed. She shares her vision for the future and her mission for helping others.