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Host Barbara McNaught and special guest Dana Vulin

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Hello Darlink! introduces true stories from inspiring people who never give up and now want to give back by sharing their journey. Hear from sporting champions, fashion icons, treasure hunters and TV stars as well as survivors and unsung heroes.

Be captivated by stories that can make you laugh, cry, and possibly change your life. Hello Darlink! invites you to be entertained, intrigued and inspired.

Latest Episodes

Anthony Mundine

International champion boxer Anthony Mundine talks to Barbara about his career, life, and mission to help others.

Vanessa Vershaw

Introducing Women Bullying Women Time to Put An End to It.

Female on Female Bullying is a topic that doesn’t see the light of day very often. Join Barbara and her guest Vanessa Vershaw on the latest episode of Stories From Under the Blanket as they talk about this taboo topic, as well as her life, experiences and her book Bitch Fight.

David Carter – Moving Towards Sustainability: Austral Fisheries

Join Barbara and Austral Fisheries CEO David Carter as the talk about sustainability, achieving your goals, illegal fishing, pirates and much more.

David Carter is the 2021 Momentum Visionary Man of the Year and the CEO of the first and only carbon neutral fishing company. He is a driving force behind the reduction of carbon footprints in Australia and the world. Watch the latest Hello Darlink! interview to meet the man who had a goal to make Austral Fisheries carbon neutral and reached that goal in 400 days.

Liam Cubbage – Mates in Construction: Reconstructing Mental Health

Join Barbara and the CEO of Mates in Construction WA Liam Cubbage as they discuss the dark side of the construction industry.

Watch this interview that will enlighten you about the impact that mental health is having on West Aussie tradies and the work that Liam and Mates in Construction is doing to help to change people’s lives.