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Sharing true stories from people all over the world who have rebuilt their lives, made a difference, and want to encourage others to do the same.

Hello Darlink! host Barbara McNaught

Be empowered, enlightened, and entertained by captivating stories that will make you laugh, cry, and possibly change your life.


Hello Darlink! Talk Show introduces inspiring people who walk the talk and are not afraid to make a change.

Barbara, the vivacious and glamorous host, interviews an array of special guests. From authors, entrepreneurs, and inspirational speakers, to cancer survivors, politicians, business people, as well as fashion icons and celebrities. Whether they are famous or an unsung hero, Hello Darlink! shares their story.

Be intrigued by Hello Darlink! interviews along with a number of special segments including:

  • Stories from Under the Blanket
  • Talk About Walk About
  • Hello Darlink! Recipes for Life
  • Visionary Women
  • Hi Heel Talk

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I have met so many strong, incredible people through my charitable work in Australia. That’s what inspired me to create Hello Darlink! as a platform to share their stories.

– Barbara

The host of the Hello Darlink! Talk Show, Barbara McNaught, was born in Poland and speaks five languages.

Barbara has lived and worked in many countries throughout her career as an international actress before calling Australia home.

Barbara created the “Hello Darlink!” Talk Show to encourage others to never give up and follow their dreams.