Season One

Watch the first season of Hello Darlink!

Tony Galati

Founder of Spudshed, Tony Galati, talks to Barbara about his life, his business and his latest campaign.

Nazi Gold Train Fever pt 1

The secrecy behind Nazi Gold Train fever continues…

Join us for the second part of the Nazi Gold Train journey and find out what the future holds!

“There is still more than a hundred undiscovered places. This is just the beginning of the real-life avalanche that will start here after the discovery of the Gold Train!”

Hello Darlink! Is on the ground location, speaking to the key treasure hunters and explorers about the secrecy and mystery behind the gold train fever.

Robbie Anstruther – Burson / Crystal Chandelier

Watch an exclusive heart to heart interview with Robbie who is at the beginning of his journey to become a woman. Join Hello Darlink! as Robbie tells an honest and captivating story about his transgender journey.

Jo Woodfield

Jo Woodfield was living life in the fast lane as a high powered executive at WRAYS, when her life took an unexpected turn. In 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Today she shares her cancer journey, but not in the ways we have heard before. No two cancer stories are the same, and Jo’s is one of optimism, inspiration and honesty.

Jo is back as the founder of her own business ‘The Higher Mix’ and tells of survivorship and how she found her new normal after cancer.

Lisa Scaffidi

Watch the one on one interview with Lisa Scaffidi, sharing her stories from the past seven years as the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth. Find out who Lisa has met along the way, and hear her vision for the City of Perth.

Dana Vulin Pt 1

Watch Dana Vulin’s interview at her first public appearance without the mask at the Brian Gardner Pink Ribbon Ball 2014. The burn victim and survivor of extreme violence against women shares her inspirational story of her courageous journey to recovery. She has become the voice of hope, courage and, inspiration to women in Australia and around the world. Dana is an ambassador for the “Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!” campaign.

Betty Tran

Within 12 months, Betty Tran became an internationally acclaimed fashion designer.

“‘Designing is part of the expression of who I am as a woman, with all the elements and emotions – it is as much a matter of my heart as it is a connection of my body and soul. The Betty Tran label was born for this reason ‘ – BETTY TRAN

Inspired by strength, passion and love, embodied in the modern woman, Betty Tran seeks to create unforgettable experiences, immersing the Betty Tran woman into a world of inspiration, empowerment and fearlessness. ”

Her celebrity clients to date include Mel B, Jessica Hart, Nicole Trunfio, Samantha Jade, and Serena and Venus Williams. Watch Betty Tran’s story here.