Season Three

Sean Thomsen

From FIFO life to reality TV star on Married at First Sight, find out more from Sean Thomsen while he opens up to Barbara about his life and journey to helping others to find happiness.

Tracey Jewel

Tracey reflects on life before and after Married at First Sight and how her past has led her to her present. Watch as Tracey opens up to Barbara about her struggle with rejection, domestic violence, motherhood and finding real love.

Daniel Kerr

Join Barbara and Daniel Kerr in conversation about  his life, highs and lows of his career and what he cares about today. Be captivated!

Jeremy Scott

Meet the the man with a broken heart who cycled around the world.

Join Barbara in conversation with Jeremy Scott about his discoveries of the beauties and dangers around the world and the invaluable lessons he has learnt from life.

Troy Coward

My Own Murder Mystery – the story of Troy Coward

Join Barbara in the captivating conversation with Troy Coward about his troubled youth, acting career, and his very own murder mystery.

Adopting the life motto, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it,” Troy has turned his adversity into a positive experience to become the successful actor, entrepreneur and ambassador he is today.

Stevie Belowsky

Stay Greasy Baby with Belowsky Guru #1

Stevie Belowsky, described as a spoken word genius started his career on the gritty stages of New York City and now performs to celebrity audiences and rock stars around the world. Stevie has been dazzling audiences with his Pop spoken word and has been described as moving journalism that keeps you in the now. Take a journey as if you are attached to his GPS of life, be captivated and hear about his latest book Stay Greasy Baby.

Michael Lloyd – White

Dare to be Kind | How to Make the World a Kinder Place with Michael Lloyd-White

Join Barbara in a conversation with Momentum’s Most Inspiring Man of 2018, Michael Lloyd-White who shares his experience to make our world a kinder place.

• Find out how the perception of kindness varies across the globe.
• How to challenge fear with kindness
• Find out why and how everyone one of us can make the world a kinder place.
• How to be part of the World Kindness Movement.
• How to have the courage to be kind.

Alicia Curtis

Join us with Momentum Wonder Woman of the Year 2018, Alicia Curtis – one of Perth’s most inspiring young social and business entrepreneurs. Alicia Curtis is an award-winning speaker and leadership facilitator, having co-founded the organisation 100 Women.