Season Two

Farrah Miller

Be inspired by Farrah Millar’s story of survival and how the experience of turning tragedy into triumph has changed her outlook on life, love, family and the perception of being beautiful.

At 37 and one day after the birth of her second child, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The same year she was awarded the 2016 Mother of the Year Award by Australian Magazine “Mother and Baby”.

This episode has been brought to you by Thai Airways International.

Julian Pace

After tragedy struck his family on his 21st birthday, Julian Pace, Founder of Happiness Co, turned his life around, teaching others and creating a movement devoted to helping other people through the unhappiness in their lives. Watch the one-on-one interview with Julian and learn how to find your happy.

Visit his website here: Happiness Co

Ruth Tarvydas

The Real Ruth

In this episode of Hello Darlink! we look back on the life and memories of the iconic fashion designer, Ruth Tarvydas.

This retrospective interview looks at the life and memories  of the iconic fashion designer, from the perspective of those who were close to her in life.

In May 2014, Ruth lost her battle against mental health due to financial pressure, but her timeless designs and legacy will continue living beyond the world of fashion.

It’s touching, it’s honest, it’s exceptional.

Danny Green

Get knocked out by the exclusive interview with boxing champion, Danny Green. Come join Hello Darlink! in Danny Green’s corner where he shares a side of him you’ve never seen before.

Bec Bucci

Roach to Richness

Hello Darlink! introduces the exclusive inside story of a woman’s journey from the darkness of an abusive childhood, to finding the light again, only to overcome her next life challenge.

Draw inspiration from the deep, honest and confrontational story of Bec Bucci, a business woman, mother of three, and soon to be published author.

In this interview, Bec shares how she learnt to deal with the traumatic effects of her past, by taking on a new outlook and helping others.

See how Bec is bouncing back!

Vince Gareffa

The Man with Two Hearts | Lunch with Vince the Fundraising Prince

Join Barbara in conversation with celebrated chef, published author and fundraising extraordinaire Vince Garreffa.

Follow his journey from Italian immigrant, to top apprentice, to famous gourmet butcher and now published author of The Flesh in My Life book supporting Lifeline WA.

Buy his book here.

Ewa Blaszczyk

An Australian first: The woman who revives children

17 years ago, Ewa’s life as a famous actress, wife and mother changed forever. After personal tragedy, Ewa found a way to help others. In this never before seen interview, discover more about the Founder of Budzik Hospital and the AKOGO Foundation.

Join me to find out out how Ewa’s personal strength, research and contribution helps bring children back to life.

Leon Ruri

Over ten million people from around the world watched Leon Ruri perform the inaugural Haka For Life in King’s Park on ANZAC Day 2017. Watch Leon’s private and personal interview with Barbara where he shares his journey before Haka for Life; his battles, challenges and winning against all odds. Find out more about his great vision for happiness and Haka for Life around the world.

Samantha Sepulveda

The “Most Inspirational Woman” 2016 and America’s Sexiest Cop visits us Down Under. She shares her journey from New York Police woman to top lingerie model and kisses violence against women goodbye!

Soa “The Hulk” Palelei

Australian MMA fighter, Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei, fights back against depression and abuse and shares his inspiring story of hardship, redemption and belief. For the very first time in this exclusive interview Soa opens up about his past and talks about how he overcame his demons in the hope that he can encourage others who are struggling to speak up and ask for help too.

Dana Vulin Pt 2

The Glamorous Return of Dana Vulin Part 2.

Watch the latest sensational bare it all with Dana Vulin – her miraculous recovery and her Fire Within.

Dana Vulin is an ambassador for the “Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!” campaign

“For me success has been my best revenge” – Dana Vulin 2016

Carmelo Pizzino

STAR CONFESSION: The secrets and drama behind the glamour.

For the first time Carmelo Pizzino opens up about his battle with depression.

In this exclusive, never before seen footage, the Dancing With The Stars favourite speaks about his own thoughts on suicide and finding the light again.