Stories Behind Tattoos

Join Barbara as she embarks on a journey to find the meanings behind tattoos and meet remarkable and inspiring people along the way!

Cory Wesley: Changing Stigma Towards Tattoos and Transition Journey

“If people don’t accept me for who I am then it’s their problem, not mine.”

Join Barbara as she embarks on Cory’s life changing journey from she to he. Find the new meanings and stories behind tattoos! And so much moređź‘€

Brendan Pratt: Food for Thought; Culinary World and Tattoos?

It’s something different. It’s my personality and that’s not something that you should be shutting down

Brendan Pratt is the celebrated head chef at the iconic winery, Vasse Felix. Follow Barbara and Brendan as he shares his journey on becoming one of the famous chef in Western Australia along with the stories behind the tattoos that decorates his body.

Paulo Martino: Reinventing The Gender In a Traditionally Male-Dominated Industry

Paulo Martino is the original mastermind behind the Artful Ink Studio empire. Paul has shaped the tattoo’s industry in every step of the way, his vision for the studio was launched with ground-breaking industry changes at the time. Like encouraging female tattoo artists in a traditionally male-dominated industry to opening up to international tattoo artists for guest spots into Indonesia.